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Traveling from the Present to the Past and Back to the Future: Movers and Shakers Shaping the Path for Tomorrow
Celebration of the Future

Celebration of the Future

The contemporary art exhibition “Celebration of the Future” outlines the role of art in generating a network of exchanges of information that, not only brings forth awareness of the past and the present, but also guides us towards the future. Through installation art, paintings, new media art forms and more, 47 Indonesian artists will present a dialogue rooted from thoughts and expressions on the values found in society, as well as its future. The exhibition, which will open on Saturday, 15 December 2018, at 7.00 PM, is the second art show to take place at the newly built multifaceted creative space AB•BC Building in Nusa Dua, Bali and will run until 15 January, 2019.

Just as the Avant-Garde art movement in the Western world played a key part in constructing social and cultural identities, PERSAGI during the pre-independence period and Gerakan Seni Rupa Baru (GSRB) in the 1970’s were both instrumental in shaping Indonesia’s independence and nation’s identity movement. Through their works, artists delineate events (information): by exploring the uncanny, and unearthing features unseen by many, while at the same time facing risks of alienation, contempt and the feeling of being misunderstood. Suffice to say, however, that it was through taking these risks that they were able to inspire cultural and national identities.

“Celebration of the Future” is a collective art exhibition with 47 artists hailing from the three locus of art movement in Indonesia: Bandung (10 artists), Bali (20 artists), and Yogyakarta (17 artists). The exhibition presents artworks in the forms of new media, installation art, sculptures, object, and paintings that display engaging issues related to art, culture, society, and politics; inviting audiences to negotiate upon the direction of time to come. The exhibition, curated by Rifky Effendy and Ignatia Nilu, sets a new anchor for artists and the younger generation to bring forth a generation of contributors who will move horizons of the future for the global public.

A contemporary Kecak performance, ‘Kebo Iwa Kecak Percussion’, will also be presented in the opening night which will be held on Saturday, 15 December 2018 at 7.00 PM. During the opening, Free Access will be given to the general public to view all works in the exhibition. “Celebration of the Future” runs from 15 December 2018 until 15 January 2019 at AB•BC Building, Bali Collection, ITDC Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia. From 16 December 2018 to the closing date, a IDR 50,000 entry ticket will be applied for all visitors over 10 years old.

Invited Artists
Agung Prabowo (Bali), Agus Sumiantara (Bali), Ayu Arista Murti (Yogyakarta), Budi Agung Kuswara (Bali), Citra Sasmita (Bali), Dedy Sufriadi (Yogyakarta), Dian Suci Rahmawati (Yogyakarta), Dodit Artawan (Bali), Eldwin Pradipta (Bandung), Erwin Windu Pranata (Bandung), Etza Meisyara (Bandung), Geugeut Pangestu Sukandawinata (Bandung), Guntur Timur (Bandung), Hendra Priyandhani (Yogyakarta), I Dewa Ngakan Made Ardana (Yogyakarta), I Gede Jaya Putra (Bali), I Gusti Agung Bagus Ari Maruta (Bali), I Gusti Ngurah Udianata (Rahman), I Gusti Ngurah Udiantara (Yogyakarta), I Ketut Teja Aswata (Bali), I Nengah Sujena (Bali), I Nyoman Arisana (Bali), I Putu Suanjaya (Yogyakarta), I Putu Wirantawan (Yogyakarta), I Wayan Suja (Bali), Iabadiou Piko (Yogyakarta), Iqi Qoror (Yogyakarta), Kadek Ardika (Bali), MA Roziq (Yogyakarta), Maharani Mancanegara (Bandung), Meliantha Muliawan (Yogyakarta), Natisa Jones (Bali), Ngakan Putu Agus Arta Wijaya (Yogyakarta), Ni Luh Pangestu Widya Sari (Bali), Putu Sastra Wibawa (Bali), Putu Wirantawan (Bali), Radhinal Indra (Bandung), Rendy Raka Pramudya (Bandung), Restu Ratnaningtyas (Yogyakarta), Restu Taufik Akbar (Bandung), Ronald Apriyan (Yogyakarta), Satya Cipta (Bali), Slinat (Bali), Tuafik Ermas (Yogyakarta), Theresia Agustina Sitompul (Yogyakarta), Wayan Novi (Yogyakarta), and Willy Himawan (Bandung).

About AB•BC Building
AB•BC Building is a fresh multifaceted creative space in Bali, fostering global arts, design and culture. As a hub for various creative forms, AB•BC Building hopes to work with individuals and collective that support explorations and innovations in presenting thought-provoking experiences for its audiences through events that encourage progress in arts, design and culture.

Our platform “When You Art in Bali”, manifested in the forms of art exhibitions, design and other creative events, is tailored for a wide range of people – not exclusively for artists, designers, or others in the creative fields, but for everyone. Thus, it aspires to create a broader network that would eventually supports not only the development and progress of creativities, but also bridges individuals and collectives interacting with AB•BC Building.

AB•BC Building features indoor and outdoor spaces that is constructed in a simple yet sophisticated warehouse design. The building (1000 sqm), stands tall on raw concrete floor (2000 sqm in total); surrouned by the quintessential Balinese tropical ambience. AB•BC Building is located centrally in an international resorts district, Nusa Dua, Bali.

AB•BC BUILDING Press Contact
Aria Gita Indira
T. +62 852 1488 8123
E. abbcbuilding.media@gmail.com



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