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With Suckling Pig
The Oriental Night

Asian Buffet Dinner

Popiah | Vegetable Rice Pepper Roll | Thai Beef Salad |Roasted Beef
with Coriander chili dressing | Urap Kenus|Balinese Squid Salad

Mixed lettuce, ice berg lettuce, baby Romaine, tomato ,cucumber, carrot
Bacon, parmesan cheese | Caesar dressing, vinaigrette, thousand island

Soup Iga Sapi |beef Rib Soup


Balinese Suckling pig

Lawar nangka | jack fruit salad | Serapah be celeng
Braised pork on aromatic ginger flavor |Siap sambal matah
Sreaded Roasted chicken with lemongrass sauce | Urutan |Deep Fried
Balinese Sausage | Oret | steamed Balinese Sausage | Sate lilit
Balinese Chicken sate | Perkedel kentang
Indonesian Potato Cake | Nasi baas barak | Red Rice

Acar, balinese sambal,sambal ulek
kerupuk babi,emping melinjo,kerupuk udang

live sweet corner | Pisang goreng
Martabak manis | Assorted Tropical sliced Fruit


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