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Authentic Balinese Culture

Balinese Dance Lesson

Learn how to do a Balinese dance on your holiday as part of your unique experience. The elastic movement is making this dance more beautiful to see and here you will be guided from the first step how to dance it. Indulge this experience as the dance is practice in the Balinese way of living.

Maximum capacity for 4 persons per day | From 10:00 AM – 16:00 PM

Balinese Theatre

The Balinese Theatre is a traditional open-air amphitheater where Bali’s rich cultural heritage comes alive. Classical performances and Balinese dance are combined with International and Indonesian buffet dinners under the stars. The atmosphere is charged with expectation as everyone takes their ringside seats, while the Gamelan orchestra fills the night air with its clear metallic music. Experience Nusantara & Fire Dance performance every Wednesday at this spectacular venue.

Every Wednesday | From 7 PM – 10 PM

Traditional Balinese Dress Up

Have you ever wondered what wearing the Balinese traditional costume feels and looks like? Seek no further as the resort has this experience to offer. The Balinese costume is full of unique decorations and patterns that result in Bali’s iconic look. Beautiful textiles feature iridescent colors and creative patterns that enhance the image of everyone who wears it. Get ready to feel and look like a real Balinese.

Available daily | From 10 AM – 11 AM



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