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Water Blow

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A Hidden Amazing Rock Cliff is a part of Nusa Dua beach. This amazing attraction is located in the edge of peninsula Nusa Dua, usually this place is used to held a big international invent such as Nusa Dua festival, World class exhibition, and others international event.

The interesting point of view from Water blow is on the cliff face to face with the Indian Ocean, there is a large narrowing gap. When the waves rolled and hit a cliff, as if caught in the waves in the gap and slammed into the top. From a distance like a huge white foam dancing to the top. The larger and faster waves are coming, the higher waves towered over the cliff. If not careful, you will also wet the brunt of the waves. Blow water attraction is also suitable for use to create photo albums or just a family photo. Photo will look good when the waves were soaring upward.

Don’t hope you can swim here. Although called a beach, Water Blow is more suitable called the ocean’s cliff. You will not find white sand and the sea was far below you. However, the waves towered into the main attraction. Therefore, the waves are not always appear high up. Sometimes they hit the cliff slowly as lazy. Then lick the side of a cliff with a short. At guard, suddenly like a big wave came and flew upwards. A moment later slammed downward send sparks water. Waiting for high tide sensation that makes visitors willing to wait while enjoying the panoramic high seas.

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